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Here are the latest posts about Digg on Writers Write:

  • Betaworks Plans to Turn Digg Back Into a Startup (2012-07-18): Digg, once considered a top social media site, was sold last week to Betaworks for $500,000.

  • Thoof Compares Itself to Digg (2008-01-23): Thoof, a social media website, has created a clever viral video modeled on the popular Mac-PC ads.

  • Digg on the Block? (2007-12-18): Digg is putting itself up for sale.

  • Digg's Kevin Rose Launches Pownce to Challenge Twitter (2007-07-01): Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, has launched a new community and file sharing service called Pownce that challenges Twitter, Jaiku and other microblogging services.

  • Wired Reporter Buys Votes on Digg (2007-03-01): Wired reporter Annalee Newitz has written an interesting story about buying votes on Digg with User/Submitter.

  • Digg Unbans Domains and Improves Spam Fighting Technology (2007-02-24): Pronet Advertising has a list of domains that have been unbanned from Digg.

  • Digg Link Sends More Traffic Than Drudge Link Says L.A. Times (2007-02-11): An L.

  • Digg Removes Top Diggers List (2007-02-02): There are many bloggers discussing Digg's decision to remove its list of Top Diggers.

  • Should Digg Fear Pligg? (2007-01-06): A post on Cornwall SEO asks if open source software products like the Pligg CMS could lead to the downfall of Digg.

  • Digg Adds New Video and Podcasting Tools (2006-12-18): Digg has a post that announces "features o' plenty" on Digg.

  • New Netscape is Better (2006-07-17): The New York Times has an article that spotlights a tiny group of Netscape users unhappy with the recent Digg-like redesign.

  • Digg.com and Verb Usage (2006-07-05): In an earlier post today we talked about a new video sharing site with a funny name: (Eefoof.

  • New Netscape Could Cause Traffic Tsunamis (2006-06-15): Netscape's new future will be as a Digg-like memedigger.

  • Digg Plans Topic Expansion (2006-06-14): Digg already has subjects that are not 100% techy -- like music and movies -- but Valleywag offers proof Digg will be adding more non-tech topics.