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Here are the latest posts about Corporate Blogs on Writers Write:

  • Study Finds Inc. 500 Companies Are Blogging Less (2012-01-30): A study of the blogging habits of the 2011 Inc. 500 companies found that they are blogging less than last year.

  • LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Today (2011-03-10): LinkedIn has launched a new feature called LinkedIn Today.

  • Official Gmail Blog Not For Posting About Gmail Problems (2008-08-11): Google's popular Gmail email website went down for a couple hours earlier today and TechCrunch noted that Google hadn't even posted anything yet on the Official Gmail Blog.

  • Ebay To Launch Ebay Ink Blog in May (2008-03-11): Ebay is going to be getting a new blog named Ebay Ink.

  • British Companies Slow to Launch Blogs (2007-01-31): An article in the Independent Online says British companies have been slow to blog and that only two FTSE 100 companies have blogs.

  • Marriott International CEO is Blogging (2007-01-17): The Washington Post reports that 74-year-old Marriott International CEO J.

  • Starbucks Launches a Podcast (2006-09-08): Starbucks has launched a podcast called Coffee Conversations.

  • Yahoo Launches Corporate Blog Called Yodel Anecdotal (2006-08-02): Yahoo has launched a new corporate blog called Yodel Anecdotal.

  • Study: 70% of Large Companies to Have Blogs by End of 2006 (2006-06-29): It is not a surprise but it is worth reporting that there are more corporate blogs coming.

  • Blogging Interns Annoy Some Corporations (2006-05-31): The New York Times has an article about some corporations that don't want interns blogging about work.

  • The Pink Panther Blogs for Owens Corning (2006-04-20): The Pink Panther now has an energy blog where he tells people how to save money using products from Owens Corning.

  • McDonald's Corporate Responsibility Blog (2006-01-24): McDonald's has a new corporate responsibility blog called Open for Discussion.

  • Are Blogs a Corporate Security Risk? (2006-01-23): An article on Physorg.

  • 15,000 Workers Blogging at IBM (2005-11-11): CNN has another story on corporate blogging at IBM.

  • Survey Finds Few CEOs Plan to Blog (2005-11-07): A new PRWeek/Burson Marsteller CEO Survey has found that 47% of CEOs find blogs valuable for external communications.

  • Are Fortune 1000 CEOs Too Busy to Blog? (2005-10-28): Joe Queenan explains why CEOs should not blog in an article in Chief Executive magazine.

  • Blogs, Podcasting, RSS All Just Fads? (2005-10-13): An article on Publish.

  • Corporate Blog Tracks Company's Demise (2005-08-04): In May, Paul Purdue, the president of ecommerce shipping company iFulfill.

  • What are Dark Blogs? (2005-06-27): Dark blogs are the blogs hidden behind corporate firewalls that the public does not have access to.

  • IBM Tells Employees to Blog Away (2005-05-15): The Silicon Valley Watch (SVW) reports that IBM is going to encourage its 130,000 employees to start blogs.