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  • If You Think Your Boss is Crazy You Might be Right (2012-01-29): A research paper, The Corporate Psychopaths: Theory of the Global Financial Crisis, recently published in the Jounal of Business Ethicis, lays the blame for the fiscal crisis on corporate psychopaths.

  • Monster and New York Times Cut Deal (2007-02-22): The New York Times Co.

  • Telecommute and Hurt Your Career (2007-01-30): A NorthJersey.

  • Helicopter Parents Writing Kids Resumes (2006-11-08): A lot of people entering the workforce probably seek resume writing advice from adults including their parents but a CNN news story suggests that some parents, known as helicopter parents, may be taking the idea of helping their kids find a job a little too far.

  • Today's Employers Need Workers With Strong Writing Skills (2006-05-10): SHRM Online reports on a study by Communicare Inc.

  • Don't Get Too Caught Up in Hot Job Trends (2006-01-30): Mary Ellen Slayter warns people in a Washington Post article not to get too caught up in the latest "hot career" data.

  • Most Workers Unhappy With Their Jobs (2006-01-19): A new survey from Salary.

  • Workers Have Little Internet Privacy at Work (2005-12-12): A Wired article looks into the privacy rights workers have to use the Internet from work and finds that there isn't much privacy at all.

  • Fictional Bosses You Wouldn't Want to Work For (2005-12-09): For some comic relief Fast Company has a slideshow of nine fictional bosses you should be glad you don't work for.

  • People Leaving Careers to Take Care of Parents (2005-11-28): Our aging demographic and longer lifespan is leading some people to leave their careers and take care of elderly parents.

  • Future Looks Bright in Pharmacy (2005-11-23): Young people looking at careers with good longterm growth prospects might want to consider becoming a pharmacist if the numbers in this Columbus Dispatch article are accurate.

  • Change Careers Within the Same Company (2005-11-21): In today's corporate world you hear a lot about people changing jobs or looking for a job with another company in another city.

  • Future IT Jobs May Require More Than Tech Skills (2005-11-11): A Silicon.

  • Gen Y and Work/Life Balance (2005-11-08): Generation Y has a different outlook on life and apparently different expectations in the office as well according to a new USA Today article.

  • Rising Fuel Costs Has Some Seeking Jobs Closer to Home (2005-11-02): A Manpower survey has found that rising fuel costs are making it more difficult for employee to get to work.

  • Multilingual Job Seekers Have an Advantage (2005-09-27): If you want to increase your competitiveness in the job market try picking up a second lanuage.

  • Blogs and Web Portfolios Offer Career Boosting Potential (2005-06-08): Just a couple months ago news stories talked about people losing their jobs because of blogs at companies like Google and Friendster.

  • CyberActive Re-Launches (1999-04-27): CyberActive Media Group, Inc.

  • Executive Survey Finds Writing Talent in Short Supply (1997-09-22): According to a nationwide survey of executives, solid writing skills are not easy to find in job candidates.