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Here are the latest posts about Bloglines on Writers Write:

  • New Bloglines Beta Available (2007-08-27): Bloglines has releaseda beta version of its popular web-based news aggregator.

  • Google Reader, MyYahoo, Bloglines, NewsGator and Netvibes Dominating RSS Feed Market (2007-02-22): Most publishers found that their RSS subscriber counts jumped a healthy 20-50% earlier this week when Google Reader started reporting subscriber counts.

  • Bloglines Still Dominant Web-based RSS Reader (2007-01-19): Data from Hitwise indicates that Bloglines is still the dominate web-based rss reader.

  • Bloglines Proposes Feed Access Control Standard (2006-08-02): There are many people that have a feed that do not want the feed to be public.

  • Debuts Blog Search (2006-06-01): Ask.

  • Blog Search Engine From Bloglines Still in the Works (2006-02-27): A WebProNews.

  • Feeds That Matter (2005-10-09): A Reuters article has some interesting data from Bloglines about how many feeds have a significant number of subscribers.

  • Bloglines Offers Quick Pick Subscriptions (2005-07-19): Bloglines is offering subscriber bundles to Bloglines for subjects like: Conservative Politico, Fashionista, Gadget Freak, Hardcover Gamer, Legal Eagle and Weatherman.