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  • Batman v Superman Falls 68% During Second Weekend in Theaters (2016-04-03): Batman v Superman faced a steep drop during its second weekend in theaters. It made $52 million.

  • Batman v. Superman Sets March Opening Record (2016-03-28): Batman v. Superman moviegoers ignored the bad reviewed and helped the DC Comics film score a record opening for March.

  • Will Arnett Voices a Beatboxing Batman in First Trailer for The Lego Batman Movie (2016-03-25): Will Arnett is the beatboxing, lobster thermidor-loving Batman in the hilarious trailer for The Lego Batman Movie.

  • U.S. Postal Service Unveils Batman Stamps (2014-10-11): The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled a set of Batman stamps to celebrate the comib book superhero's 75th annivesary.

  • Zack Snyder Shares First Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman (2014-05-13): Zack Snyder shares the first photograph of Ben Affleck as Batman. The image also provides a glimpse of the Batmobile.

  • Rocksteady Releases Batman: Arkham Knight Stills and Trailer (2014-03-29): Rocksteady has released the stills and trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, the third and final entry in its Batman videogame series.

  • Warner Bros. Pushes Back Batman vs. Superman Release Date to May 6, 2016 (2014-01-17): Warner Bros. has pushed its Batman vs. Superman film release date to May 6, 2016

  • Ben Affleck to Play Batman in 2015 Movie (2013-08-22): Ben Affleck has been announced as the next Batman. He will star alongside Henry Cavill as Superman in the 2015 movie.

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