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Here are the latest posts about Associated Press on Writers Write:

  • Robots Writing Over 1,000 Stories Per Month for the Associated Press (2015-01-31): Over 1,000 stories per month are being written by computers for the Associated Press. These stories tend by droll financial articles.

  • Stocks Plunge Briefly Following Fake Tweet From Hacked AP Twitter Account (2013-04-23): Stocks plunged briefly and then recovered after a fake tweet from the AP Tiwtter account said there was an attack at the White House.

  • Tribune Co. Gives Two-Year Drop Notice to the Associated Press (2008-10-16): Editor & Publisher reports that the Tribune Co.

  • Bloggers to AP: You're Dead to Us (2008-06-17): Bloggers from both sides of the political aisle, from celebrity gossip and just about every other kind of site are uniting to refuse to link to any stories from the Associated Press.

  • Bloggers to AP: You're Dead to Me (2008-06-16): Last week the Associated Press began taking a very aggressive stance on the use of its content.

  • Associated Press Launches Asap Website (2007-04-16): The Associated Press has launched a new service called Asap that includes video content and blogs.

  • Iraq's Interior Ministry Confirms Existence of AP Source Jamil Hussein (2007-01-04): An Iraqi police officer named Jamil Gholaiem Hussein is going to be arrested for talking to the press.

  • Associated Press and Technorati Partner (2006-05-24): Technorati reports that they have partnered with the Associated Press (AP) to provide blog roundup features on 440 AP member websites.

  • AP Tells Raw Story They Do Credit Blogs (2006-04-05): The Associated Press (AP) wrote a letter to the Raw Story arguing that a plagiarism claim made by the Raw Story was false.

  • AP's New Blog Thing (2005-03-07): Editor & Publisher has questioned whether AP's new blog called "Bad LANGuage: AP's pop culture blog," is really very bloggerific.

  • McClatchy Sells The Newspaper Network to AP, Vertis (2003-04-18): The McClatchy Company has entered into separate agreements to sell the assets of The Newspaper Network, Inc.

  • The Associated Press Acquires Capitol Wire (2002-08-23): The Associated Press announced that it has acquired Capitol Wire, a Web-based news and information service devoted to the coverage of state governments for a professional audience.

  • Associated Press and Dow Jones Extend Partnership (1997-12-05): Dow Jones & Company and The Associated Press announced a seven-year extension of their 30-year-old partnership producing international financial news services.