The Decline of Handwriting: 41% of Adults Haven't Handwritten Anything in the Past Six Weeks

Posted on June 22, 2012

A new survey by the British firm Docmail found that the average adult has not handwritten anything in the last 41 days. One in three adults has not sat down to write something properly -- such as an actual letter, not a grocery list -- for more than six months.

Two thirds of the people polled said that when they do write, it's mostly in the nature of a reminder note to themselves, that no one else will see. Dave Broadway, managing director for Docmail, said in a release: "It's a shame handwriting is in general decline, but that's come about from the need for convenience and communication that is clear and quick... Handwriting will always carry a sentimental value but inevitably makes way when it comes to the need to be efficient."

Most of the people surveyed say their handwriting has deteriorated over time and that it is barely legible. We can certainly relate to that. The faster we type, the worse our handwriting gets. The Daily Mail thinks that means that handwriting is becoming passe and that soon humans won't pick up a pen or pencil, preferring to tap out messages on hand held devices and smart phones. Some people are saying handwriting does not need to be taught in schools, which is ridiculous. When the power is out, all that's left will be a pen and some paper.

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