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Here is the collection of WinHelp resource links. Click here to return to the technical writing resources section.

This valuable site contains a large collection of WinHelp and HTML Help related files and hints.

HyperTexas is a watering hole for Technical Writers, Winhelp Authors and Web Developers looking for late-breaking news on tools and techniques of our craft.

KeyWorks Software
A collection of HTML and WinHelp utilities.

Provides popular Windows 95/98/NT email newsletters.

Newsgroup; comp.os.ms-wndows.programmer.winhelp
Newsgroup for creating Windows help files.

Wikipedia: WinHelp
Information and resources about the Microsoft WinHelp format for online help files from Wikipedia.

WinHelp Repository
Here you will find megabytes of hard-to-find add-ons and utilities for WinHelp authors, clipart collections, tips and tricks, links to other WinHelp-related sites and more

WinHelp Survival Kit
This site provides information for Windows Help writers includes a WinHelp FAQ.

WinHlp-L Mailing List Archive
Archives of the Winhlp-L Mailing List, a listserv discussion group for people who author Windows Help files and other hypertext

WinWriters specializes in providing quality training and publications for the community of online Help developers.

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