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A webzine for writers, editors and other who create content for the online media.

Digital Output
Digital Output magazine is a national business publication for electronic publishers and digital imagers, providing monthly articles on subjects ranging from digital capture and design to electronic prepress and digital printing.

Editorial Eye, The
The Eye is a resource for writers, editors, designers, project managers, communications specialists, and everyone else who cares about contemporary publishing practices.

An independent webzine providing comprehensive resources on Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), Performance Centered Design, and Knowledge Management.

Intercom is the magazine of STC. It features articles of interest to technical communicators, focusing on practical tips for working more effectively.

Publish RGB
Publish magazine was founded in 1986 to cover the emerging desktop publishing market. Since then, the monthly has expanded to cover all forms of electronic publishing and distribution, focusing not only on high-end print production, but on CD-ROM, Web, an

Technical Editors' Eyrie
A newsletter containing tips, techniques and resources for editor who are working electronically.

Writer's Block
Web magazine for professional writers with a focus on technical business communication.

Writer's Ink
The Newsletter for Documentation Specialists. Newsletter is available on the site in .pdf format.

XMLINFO, along with the sister sites XMLSOFTWARE and SCHEMA.NET, aim to provide well organised information and resources on the Extensible Markup Language (XML),

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