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Organizations for Screenwriters

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a professional honorary organization composed of over 6,000 motion picture craftsmen and women.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Home of the Emmy Awards. Includes information and live webcasts.

American Association of Producers
The AAP is a non-profit, all volunteer, networking and educational organization comprised of top production personnel working in television and features.

American Film Institute (AFI)
The American Film Institute serves as a point of national focus and coordination for the many individuals and institutions concerned with the moving image as art.

American Screenwriters Association
The ASA is organized for educational purposes, including the promotion of and encouragement of the public’s participation in and knowledge of screenwriting as a literary art form.

Arizona Film Society (AFS)
Arizona Film Society (AFS) is a tax-exempt, community-spirited organization for anyone interested in film and video events, education and fun.

Association of Independent Video and Film Makers
A national service organization for independent media. With over 5,000 members, AIVF is a vital resource for independent film and videomakers, providing programs and services.

Atlanta Screenwriters Group (ASG)
The ASG is an assortment of screenwriters who reside in or around the Atlanta area.

Australian Writers' Guild
The Australian Writers' Guild is a professional association for writers in the areas of television, radio, screen and stage.

Brooklyn Film Institute
A non-profit organization, bringing culture and the art of film to the public. Produces the Brooklyn Film Festival.

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