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Here is the collection of movie business resource links. Click here to return to the screenwriting links section.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a professional honorary organization composed of over 6,000 motion picture craftsmen and women.

AFMA Membership Directory
The Motion Picture and Television Company Members list. The list includes addresses, phone numbers and names of corporate executives.

Box Office Mojo
Provides a variety of box office data, plus news, features and reviews.

Boxoffice Online
For 45 years, Boxoffice magazine has covered the latest happenings in the motion picture industry for a worldwide audience.

Fee-based resource providing news on the entertainment, marketing and media industries.

Comics 2 Film
A resource that specifies in comics that have been made into movies.

Dark Horizons
Provides the latest news and gossip about fantasy, sf and horror films.

Done Deal
Provides recent news on script & pitch sales in Hollywood. Also provides articles, interviews, links and other resources.

Entertainment Directory
A business-to-business directory for the entertainment industry. Also provides news and movie listings.

Fade In Magazine
Print magazine which provides the inside scoop on the movie business.

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