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Here is the collection of newsletter and mailing list links. Click here to return to the screenwriting links section.

MovieBytes provides information on screenwriting contests, events and markets. You can also subscribe to the email newsletter.

Newsgroup: bit.listserv.screen-l
Moderated newsgroup for discussion of screenwriting.

Newsgroup: misc.writing.screenplays
Newsgroup for discussion of screenplay writing.

Newsgroup: rec.arts.movies.announce
Newsgroup for important announcements in the movie business.

Newsgroup: rec.arts.tv
Newsgroup for the discussion of television.

SCRNWRiT E-Mail List
Email discussion list about motion picture and television screenwriting.

SPEC Screenwriting Workshop
SPEC Screenwriting Workshop is an e-mail mailing list which provides a forum for serious screenwriters of all levels, 18 years of age and older.

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