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General Screenwriting Resources

Here is the collection of general screenwriting resource links. Click here to return to the screenwriting links section.

Done Deal
Provides recent news on script & pitch sales in Hollywood. Also provides articles, interviews, links and other resources.

Google.com Screenwriting Resources
Google's collection of screenwriting resources.

Hollywood Network
Comprehensive online resource on Hollywood, screenwriting and the movie business.

Hollywood Reporter, The
Provides daily news on the movie business. Provides a portion of article for free, but charges a fee for visitors to read the complete article.

MovieBytes provides information on screenwriting contests, events and markets. You can also subscribe to the email newsletter.

New York Screenwriter Monthly
Monthly issues feature interviews with successful screenwriters, Hollywood agents and producers, listings of seminars, screenplay contests, product reviews and feature articles. Print and online service.

Online Communicator, The
A collection of articles, faqs and resources dealing with screenwriting and film production.

Comprehensive resource directory for professional screenwriters.

scr(i)pt magazine
Online and print screenwriting magazine with articles, interviews and other features. Website also includes community services and a comprehensive links section.

Screaming in the Celluloid Jungle
A comprehensive screenwriting resource with information about script sales and agents, articles on screenwriting, industry links and a discussion forum.

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