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Here is the collection of screenwriting article and interview links. Click here to return to the screenwriting links section.

Best Best -- Stephen J. Cannell Online Writing Seminar
Seminar materials by Stephen J. Cannell including the seminar lecture, materials and writing exercises, free of charge.

Book, or Script, or Both?
Screenwriter, novelist and teacher Skip Press explains that the road to a successful writing career may depend on your flexibility.

Finding the Discipline to Write
Emmy-award winning screenwriter Stephen J. Cannell shares his thoughts on how to find the time and inspiration to write.

From Fade In to Fade Out
A free online book covering the scriptwriting process from start to finish.

How to Format a Screenplay
An article on how to correctly format a screenplay.

Interview with Skip Press
An interview with with Skip Press, author of A Writer's Guide to Hollywood Agents, Directors and Screenwriter's Agents.

Interview with Stephen J. Cannell
Interview with Stephen J. Cannell, author, producer and screenwriter. He has produced or co-created over 43 shows including The A-Team, The Commish, The Rockford Files and Silk Stalkings.

J. Michael Straczynski on Writing
A collection of advice and thoughts from J. Michael Straczynski, creator and executive producer of Babylon 5.

Online Communicator, The
A collection of articles, faqs and resources dealing with screenwriting and film production.

Plot and Structure Articles
About.com's collection of links to screenwriting articles focused on plot and screenplay structure.

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