Russian President Vladimir Putin Bans Swearing in Books

Posted on May 7, 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a new law that bans swearing in books. The Telegraph reports the the Soviet-style law also bans swearing in films, television and public performances. Any book containing "foul language" will have to be distributed in a sealed package that carries a special warning label. Violators may be subjected to fines.

CNN reports that the Russian government will forbid any film containing foul language from being distributed in Russia. CNN says that what is considered foul language in books, CDs, films and other media will be determined through "an independent examination." Fines for individuals using foul language can reach $70, while businesses can be fined up to $1,400. Fines may even higher for repeat offenders.

The banning of swearing in films and literature is one of several moves by the Putin government to control the media. A law past last year prohibited swearing in the media. Putin also signed a new law this week requiring bloggers to register with the Russian media office. Bloggers are also not allowed to swear in their blogs.

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