Terri Irwin Writes About Steve

Posted on November 6, 2007

Book cover of Steve and Me by Terri Irwin Terri Irwin is writing a book.
For grieving widow Terri Irwin, writing a book about her life with "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin was a painfully raw ordeal. But she says the outpouring of public grief that followed the iconic nature lover's death last year planted in her a sense of obligation to his millions of fans around the world.

"I felt kind of compelled to do something so that people could sit down and understand Steve better and where he came from and what we stood for and what we tried to achieve," the 43-year-old Oregon-born mother-of-two told The Associated Press at the family zoo in northeast Australia.

"I'd been so kind of self-absorbed with my own sadness that I hadn't really thought about everybody else ... so I thought maybe a book would help people to come to know the human side of Steve."


"I spent months on end crying and crying and crying; remembering the hard times was hard and remembering the good times was hard," she said. His toothbrush remains in Irwin's bathroom and his trademark khaki shirts hang ironed in her closet. How painful an experience was the writing? "Extremely," she said. Cathartic? "No, not even remotely," she replied. "They ebb and flow, just like I do," she said. Daughter Bindi is 9, and Robert turns 4 in December.

"For me personally, it's that one day at a time feeling and I've chosen to continue as if Steve was still here," Irwin said. "I really believe if anyone thought of Steve as a hero, everything he lived for and believed in must continue." His toothbrush remains in Irwin's bathroom and his trademark khaki shirts hang ironed in her closet.
Steve and Me: Life With the Crocodile Hunter is available at Amazon.com and all major bookstores.

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