Stephenie Meyer Accused of Plagiarism Again

Posted on August 5, 2009

Bestselling author of the Twilight series Stephenie Meyer has been accused of plagiarism again.
The Twilight author has been served with a "cease and desist" order sent to her publisher, Hachette Book Group USA, by lawyers acting for Jordan Scott. The letter claims that the latest volume in Meyer's Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, which was published last year, "shows a striking and substantial similarity" to Scott's book The Nocturne, and asks the publisher how it intends "to cease and desist from any further copyright infringement and to compensate my client for her damages". Hachette called the claim "completely without merit" and said that any lawsuit would be "defended vigorously".

Scott's lawyer, J Craig Williams, claims that Scott's book was published and posted on the internet in 2006 and cites similarities. Among these are that both books include an after-wedding sex scene on a beach, that both contain a scene about a woman who is sick because she's pregnant with a child with evil powers, that both feature a scene in which the pregnant wife is dying, that both include a scene in which the main character sees their baby for the first time, and that both see the main character turn into a vampire. Scott also points out that in both books the main character refers to his wife as "love".
There is nothing like success to breed lots of plagiarism lawsuits.

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