Samsung Unveils Ebook Readers

Posted on January 6, 2010

Samsung unveiled its new ebook readers at the Consumer Electronics Show. Called the E6 and the E101 the ereaders allow writing on the screen with a stylus.
Both the Samsung E6 and E101 are 6 and 10 inches in size respectively, and both let you handwrite directly onto the screen. At last, ebook versions of textbooks will be as easy for students to vandalise as their paper equivalents.

The Samsung E6 and Samsung E101 both feature calendars, to-do lists and work with an electromagnetic stylus. Samsung says by using a special stylus, rather than a plain plastic one, it can avoid mistypes caused by hands and other objects touching the screen.

You can draw too, with the e-reader letting you change the pen's "thickness" on screen. There's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in too, letting the Samsung E6 and E101 download newspapers and books from the web wirelessly. Samsung also says they can "share certain content with other devices."
The readers are set to go on sale soon and will retail for $399 and $699. respectively.

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