Ebook Version of King's Under the Dome Delayed to Boost Hardcover Sales

Posted on October 25, 2009

Under the DomeThe Wall Street Journal reports that the ebook version of Stephen King's Under the Dome was delayed six weeks to help stores sell the hardcover version. The book should sell plenty of hardcovers thanks to a price war that has erupted between Amazon.com, Walmart and Target. Sears.com has even entered the book price battle offering a $9 store credit for people who have bought Stephen King's new hardcover even if they bought it at Amazon, Walmart or Target.

Stephen King told the WSJ that he never though he would see people preordering a hardcover for $8.98.
In an interview, Mr. King said that he wanted to delay the e-book edition in hopes of helping independent bookstores and the national bookstore chains sell the hardcover edition.

"I never thought we'd see people preordering a copy for $8.98," he said. "My thinking was to give bookstores a chance to make some money."

The e-book edition of "Under the Dome," which has a list price of $35, will probably retail for $9.99. Mr. King said that those who receive e-book readers for Christmas gifts will be able to download the book on Christmas day. "Six weeks isn't too long to wait," he added.
Paperback versions of the major books have for years been delayed so hardcovers can sell. People are probably going to snap up Stephen King's latest novel in hardcover form because the price is so good. A higher hardcover price and people would be more likely to wait a few weeks for the ebook.