Celebrity Biographies Put People to Sleep

Posted on April 7, 2008

A new survey lists the books and music that are most likely to put one asleep. Celebrity biographies are apparently just the ticket for a trip to slumberland. As for music? It's Coldplay by a mile.
Britons like a dose of music from the rock band Coldplay to help them fall asleep, a survey from hotel chain Travelodge found on Monday. The band, whose frontman Chris Martin says he avoids caffeine and alcohol and is known for a lifestyle that is anything but rock 'n' roll, topped a poll of music choices to help listeners nod off.

Other artists chosen for their slumber-inducing qualities were James Blunt, Snow Patrol, Take That and Norah Jones. But those who prefer to be tucked in with a book at night judged celebrity autobiographies as the most effective sleep aid, with the life stories of glamour model Jordan, soccer star David Beckham and Sharon Osbourne ranking at the top.
We think Coldplay is more likely to make one jump off the nearest building than go to sleep, but maybe that's just us. As for reading to sleep by, some celebrity biographies do have that soporific quality. It just depends on which celebrity and how wild the tales are.

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