Barker Talks Killing Pinhead and Weaveworld Showtime Series

Posted on August 31, 2005

HellraiserClive Barker plans to off his Pinhead creature, made famous in the Hellraiser movie, in an upcoming novel called The Scarlet Gospels. The Toronto Sun reports that Barker is not hiding his plans to kill the leader of the Cenobites.

Barker told the Toronto Sun at the Canadian National Expo, "I decided I was going to say farewell to Pinhead, and I wanted to do it in a big way. I'd intended at first to make a novella that would be atached to a collection of short stories. But it just grew like topsy, and now it's 150,000 words and we're still going."

Barker says Pinhead with face off with Harry D'Amour as the battle each other while making "a Dante-esque descent into Hell."

The Sun also breaks the news that Barker's Weaveworld novel is being developed into a Showtime mini-series. It's actually a fantasy novel and not horror. IT features a magical land, called the Fugue, that is woven into the fabric of a magic carpet. Barker sounds very enthusiastic about the mini-series. He says, "Finally, finally, finally!" on the topic of Weaveworld being translated into a cable TV show. This is very exciting. We can't wait to see this series.

Cover of Weaveworld by Clive Barker

Photo: Gallery Books