Negotiations Ongoing: Carson Daly Crosses Picket Line

Posted on November 27, 2007

The second day of negotiations between the WGA and the AMPTP continues today. Reportedly Monday's session went quite well with "reasonableness ruling the day."
According to my sources, both sides spent the session recapping where they'd left off negotiations back on November 4th, which was the last time the WGA and AMPTP faced off. "So they basically went through all the proposals on the table: what they'd already agreed upon, and where they needed to go from here," an insider explained to me. "Tomorrow, they really start advancing the ball forward."

There will continue to be a news blackout on the contract talks, meaning no end-of-day statements by either the AMPTP or WGA, "because no one wants to be the one to derail any progress." (My lips are sealed about the site of the meetings.) Both sides plan more negotiating sessions not just for Tuesday but also for at least Wednesday. "It's anyone's guess where this process goes," said a source. "Today, they spent time on old business. Tomorrow, they handle new business -- and that's where the rubber can really meet the road."
No word yet how today's negotiations went or whether the "rubber really hit the road" -- let's hope they went well. In the meantime, the writers' are still striking. And Carson Daly is being really obnoxious by crossing the picket line and asking scabs (non-union writers who cross picket lines) to write jokes for him. The WGA is not amused.

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