Kelly Clarkson on Sexism in the Songwriting Biz

Posted on May 21, 2007

Kelly Clarkson discusses sexism in the songwriting world in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Kelly Clarkson was staggered when a sexist music executive let her know he wasn't a fan of women writing songs. The singer, who recently won an ASCAP award for penning the Song of The Year "Because of You," reveals some executives still refuse to take her seriously as a songwriter.

And one recent conference call made her realize just how hard it is to break through and become respected.

She tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Everybody doesn't like me writing all the time, no matter how many number ones you write. It's clearly like yelling at a brick wall. It's because I'm a woman... a young woman. I literally heard somebody say it. They didn't know I was on the phone... I hung up. I was like, 'I can't even address that... That was the most ignorant thing I've ever heard."
Kelly's having a very rough time: Clive Davis delayed her album release because he hated all the songs she wrote. Stick to your guns, Kelly!

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