Karp Talks Author Blogs

Posted on August 24, 2005

Legendary Random House publisher Jonathan Karp, who is responsible for numerous bestsellers shocked everyone when he quit and headed over to Warner Books to head his own imprint, Warner Twelve. He tells Business Week why authors need to blog. A lot.
"Writers have to be promoters if they believe in their work. Blogs are a way for authors to communicate directly with readers and establish a personal connection. It's a way to reach readers who may not attend bookstore events, and it's more convenient for authors, too. I haven't met too many writers who were eager to fly to Houston for a day -- though I'm sure Houston is lovely this time of year."
Yes, we fondly remember those August days in Houston: 100 degrees with, say, 80 percent humidity. Lovely. Now, back to blogging, you slackers!

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