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Book Review:
Writer's Guide To Magazine Editors and Publishers

Writer's Guide To Magazine Editors and Publishers by Judy Mandell Prima Publishing., Nov., 1997.
ISBN: 0761504095
Trade Paperback.
Ordering information:
Amazon.com. | Amazon.co.uk

Writer's Guide to Magazine Editors and Publishers (Prima Publishing, 1996) is an indispensable resource for the freelance writer. Author Judy Mandell has done an excellent job of collecting market information and querying commercial freelance opportunities for writers. The book is organized in sections by topic, including travel, businesss, sports and trade publications.

The informative listings for each publication include contact information: phone, fax and
Writer's Guide To Magazine
Editors and Publishers Cover Click here for ordering information.
occasional email addresses, circulation, audience, article needs, length of articles, payment information, rights and additional information. Almost all of the 300 listings also come with tips for writers from the editor(s), some of which comprise a full page. Judy Mandell asked the editors questions such as What are the best ways to break into your magazine? Is it OK if writers fax or e-mail queries to you? Do you always want clips from new writers? The responses she received, often in essay form, are very useful to freelancers seeking inside information to the publications needs and the editor's personal likes and dislikes.

The book's in-depth focus on 300 medium-to-large size publications makes it an easier and friendlier read than some of the larger manuals of guidelines listings. Many listings are on their own page or pages. Some of the publications listed include, Advertising Age, Chronicle of The Horse, Family Life, George, Kung Fu Illustrated, Men's Journal, Wired and Writer's Digest. The glossary, compiled by Nora Issaacs (Assistant Editor, American Photo) is also useful. For example, do you know what over the transom means or what a tag line is? The Glossary will tell you.

In addition to the extensive guidelines listings, Writer's Guide includes interviews with lawyer Jonathon Kirsch regarding "Magazine Contracts, Rights and Electronic Publishing" and with Mary Ann Cavlin, Executive Editor of Modern Bride regarding "The Answers to Freelance Writers' Most-Asked Questions".

Also included are articles on topics such as navigating the slush pile and top ten lists on what editors love and hate to see from freelancers.

Writer's Guide to Magazine Editor and Publishers is available in bookstores now.

**Judy Mandell is also the author of Book Editors Talk to Writers and Magazine Editors Talk to Writers. Her articles have appeared in Writer's Digest and other major magazines.

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