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Writing Personal Poetry by Sheila Bender

Writer's Digest Books, March 1999.
Trade Paperback, 220 pages.
ISBN: 1877749168
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Writing Personal Poetry
by Sheila Bender This inspirational guide helps beginners to learn how to write poems through discussions, exercises and examples. The book begins with tools to create poems, such as creating lists of images for our five senses, which can later be developed into complete poems. The latter sections of the book provide information on how to shape and create poems, through instruction and examples of poetry. The book also provides information about resources where poets can further their studies.

Poet and poetry instructor, Sheila Bender, does a wonderful job of conveying the value of poetry, and teaching you how to free yourself from your work or chores to create poems that capture your personal moods and views of the world. A fun and uplifting book for beginning poets.

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