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Writing Horror Edited by Mort Castle

Writer's Digest Books, 1997.
209 pp. ISBN: 0898797985
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Cover of Writing Horror
Edited by Mort Castle Writing Horror is a collection of well-written and researched articles on writing and selling horror fiction penned by the experts in the subject who are also members of the Horror Writers Association. The articles are hard-hitting and lunge right into the heart of the subject and pull out all the gory details. For example, an article entitled "Cyberhorror: Online Resources for the Horror Writer" by Paula Guran lays out the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet for networking, research and promotion, "He Said? She Asked" by David Morrell aids writers in avoiding common dialogue mistakes when writing horror and "Such Horrible People" by Tina Jens helps you keep your characters from being puppets.

There are plenty of other articles as well, 39 in all, to aid you in writing horror fiction clever and gruesome enough to sell. Other articles cover agents, sex scenes, interactive horror, innovation, writing horror for children and titles of books you must read. The book also includes a "shockingly" brief history of the HWA from its start as The Howl. This anthology is a goldmine for the budding horror writer, providing excellent advice and guidance.

Writing the Private Eye Novel Edited by Robert J. Randisi

Writers Digest Books, Sept., 1997.
240 pp. ISBN: 0898797675
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Cover of Writing the Private Eye Novel
Edited by Robert J. Randisi Have you ever wanted to write a private eye novel but didn't know how or where to start? This handbook by The Private Eye Writers of America is a mini-course on the subject taught by the pros: Sue Grafton, Parnell Hall, Lawrence Block, Ed Gorman and many more who give you the tools you need to craft a private eye novel or short story that will sell. With detailed advice on subjects such as getting started, plotting and structure, creativity, character and settings, as well as tips from Editor Michael Seidman (Walker & Co.), Writing the Private Eye Novel is an excellent addition to your writing resource library.

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