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Videohound's Independent Film Guide by Monica Sullivan

Visible Ink Press, Nov., 1997.
Trade paperback, 450 pages.
ISBN: 1578590183.
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Videohound's Independent Film Guide
by Monica Sullivan Videohound's Independent Film Guide will certainly please movie fans. The book provides comprehensive reviews to over 800 movies made independently of the Hollywood Studios. These include the films: Dirty Dancing, Fargo, The Thing Called Love and Trainspotting just to name a few. The guide also includes photographs and information on the film including year made, rating, actors, director(s) and writer(s), interesting sidebars and useful indexes by cast, directors and distributors. The book rates the movies from one to four bones and includes a WOOF! rating for the least valued movies, with four bones being the highest rated review. Of course, as editor Monica Sullivan points out, "even the WOOF!s can be great fun, if you're in the mood for them."

This is a wonderful guide to Independent Films. This book will appeal to movie lovers, movie critics and to those looking for some great movies to rent that they may have overlooked in the past.

Webster's New World Dictionary of Media & Communications by Richard Weiner

MacMillan, July, 1996.
Trade Paperback, 678 pages.
ISBN: 0028606116
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Cover of Webster's New World Dictionary of Media & Communications
by Richard Weiner How well do you know the jargon in the world of new media? Concerned about not knowing what a Foley editor (from television and screenwriting), a GOAT (used by the New Yorker), croquis (from the fashion design world) or a duckfoot quote (English punctuation term) is? Help is on the way! The vastly expanded and revised edition of the New Media Dictionary is a comprehensive guide of technical and slang terms in 28 fields including advertising, computer, film, journalism, marketing, printing, public relations, publishing, radio, telecommunications, television and theater. With 35,000 entries, this dictionary is invaluable for professionals in the media, communications, journalism and broadcast fields as well as to freelancers, writers, students and film and media buffs. The dictionary also includes a mountain of other crucial information such as postal information, typography, word origins, nicknames, common errors, library science and computer terms and much more. Written by public relations expert and lexicographer Richard Weiner, the founder of the public relations firm that launched The Cabbage Patch Kids, this dictionary is one you'll want to keep handy. A must-have for those in the media and communications fields.

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