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Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market 2001 edited by Alice Pope

Writer's Digest Books, January 2001.
Trade Paperback, 392 pages.
ISBN: 1582970637
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Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market 2001
edited by Alice Pope This annual book for children's book writers and illustrators provides a multitude of articles, resources and market listings. Each year the guide is updated with new markets and resources. Markets that have changed are also updated with new information. Articles in the guide this year cover the business of writing, query letters, writing children's historical fiction, self-promotion strategies for illustrators and creating believable characters. Articles about children's authors and illustrators and their first books are also provided. The market listings include book publishers, magazines, play producers, agents and art reps. Each market listing includes complete contact information and information about what written and/or illustrated material each individual publisher is looking to purchase. The book also provides extensive resource listings, including conferences, workshops, contests, awards, books, publications and websites.

Editor Alice Pope, who has been editing the annual guide for the past few years, does a superb job of compiling and organizing the information in this book. She also offers a handy collection of tips for beginners at the start of the book. Writers and illustrators of books for children would be hard-pressed to find a more complete or informative guide.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Technical Writing by Krista Van Laan and Catherine Julian

Alpha Books, February, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 332 pages.
ISBN: 0312252765
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Technical Writing
by Krista Van Laan and Catherine Julian Technical writing does not sound as enticing as novel or fiction writing, but it can be a very lucrative field for writers. It may not be your dream job to write technical manuals, but many authors have used this type of work to support themselves until they finally got a big break in fiction or screenwriting. This guide helps writers learn more about technical writing by covering what it's about, how to do it, where to find work and how to learn how to write effective manuals and technical documents. In addition to providing an overview of the field and the background needed, the book provides in-depth coverage of technical writing issues and skills including usability, getting feedback, indexing, rewriting, editing, types of documents, style guides, tools, document design and writing for the Web. The book also includes a technical glossary and information about additional technical writing resources including organizations and website links.

Authors and expert technical writers Krista Van Laan and Catherine Julian provide insight into the technical writing trade though clear, concise examples and practical instruction. The job market for technical writers is booming, and this book helps provide you with the information you need to break into this lucrative field.

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