Book Reviews

The Internet Writing Journal, July 2001
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Children's Books

The Dorling Kindersley Book of Nursery Rhymes by Debi Gliori (DK)
Grandpa's Overalls by Tony Crunk, Pictures by Scott Nash (Orchard Books)
No Kiss for Grandpa by Harriet Ziefert, Pictures by Emilie Boon (Orchard Books)
Rock Steady: A Story of Noah's Ark by Sting, Illustrated by Hugh Whyte (HarperCollins)

Computer Books

Photoshop 6 Down & Dirty Tricks by Scott Kelby (New Riders)
Taking Your Talent to the Web by Jeffrey Zeldman (New Riders)
Windows 2000 Power Toolkit by Barry Shilmover, Stu Sjouwerman, et al. (New Riders)


The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century Edited by Harry Turtledove with Martin H. Greenberg (Del Ray)
Cloak of Deception (Star Wars) by James Luceno (Del Ray)
The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh (Star Trek) by Greg Cox (Pocket Books)


Ashes of the Elements by Alys Clare (St. Martin's Press)
Echo Burning by Lee Child (Putnam)
Last of the Dixie Heroes by Peter Abrahams (Ballantine)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham? by Phyllis Richman (HarperCollins)


Dilemmas by James Sywell and Anne-Marie Roffi (Perigee)
The Flag, The Poet and The Song by Irvin Molotsky (Dutton)


The Pleasure Master by Nina Bangs (Love Spell)
Ritual of Proof by Dara Joy (William Morrow)
When My Sister Was Cleopatra Moon by Frances Park (Talk Miramax Books)
Whispers on the Wind by Judy Gill (Love Spell)


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Poetry by Nikki Moustaki (Alpha Books)
Guide to Literary Agents 2001 edited by Donya Dickerson (Writer's Digest Books)