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1998 Poet's MarketĀ® Edited by Chantelle Bentley & Tara A. Horton

Writer's Digest Books, Sept., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 603 pages.
ISBN: 0898797969.
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Note: This book is published annually. For the latest edition be sure to check the Poet's Market listing in the Writer's Bookstore.

Cover of 1998 Poet's MarketĀ®
Edited by Chantelle Bentley &
Tara A. Horton The Poet's Market is a vast resource for the beginning or experienced poet. It includes market listings of over 1800 markets that are looking to publish poetry, contests, awards, conferences, workshops, colonies, poetry organizations and publications and websites of interest to poets. The book also includes well-written and timely advice on opportunities for publishing your poetry online, as well as interviews with advice from established poets and editors of publications seeking new poets. The market listings describe each publication and include contact information, including website and email addresses if applicable, method of payment, frequency of publication, size and style of the publication, what the publication/publisher is looking for, what rights are involved, how to submit and frequent comments from the editors. The book also contains indexes so you can easily find publishers that may most be interested in your poetry including a chapbook index, a geographical index (by U.S. States and by countries) and a subject index by category or genre (i.e. Anthology, Humor, Love, Political, Translations and Women/Feminism).

The Poet's Market is a must-have for all poets. It is invaluable for its listings of places for poets to get published as well as for its reporting on current trends in the poetry publishing world. This is a book poets will turn to time and time again.

Missing Persons: A Writer's Guide to Finding the Lost, the Abducted and the Escaped by Fay Faron

Writer's Digest Books, Sept., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 264 pages.
ISBN: 089879790X
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Cover of Missing Persons: A Writer's Guide to Finding the Lost, the Abducted and the Escaped
by Fay Faron & Joseph R. Paglino Missing Persons provides detailed information on the process of locating missing people from why people go missing in the first place to specific resources available in finding lost or hiding persons. This resource provides excellent material for writers because it not only presents the facts and information but also the whys and hows that get you inside the thought processes and behaviors of the people involved in missing person cases. The book includes profiles of the types of people that go missing and witnesses, types of scams and cons, profiles of the victims, why people hide and extensive information on how to find missing people using resources such as public records, libraries, confidential sources, databases, microfiche and CD-ROMs. The book is also a great read; author and investigator Fay Faron provides interesting anecdotes of her own experiences from various cases she has worked on in her own detective agency.

A great writing reference for writers using mystery plots or details in their fiction. Mystery writers will want to add this book to their reference bookshelf.

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