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Children's Books

Angel to Angel: A Mother's Gift of Love by Walter Dean Myers
Dinosaur Bob by William Joyce.
George Shrinks by William Joyce.
Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse.
Rapunzel by Paul O. Zelinsky.
You're Just What I Need by Ruth Krauss pictures by Julia Noonan

Computers/Web Design

Creative HTML Design by Lynda Weinman & William Weinman.
Peter Norton's Inside the PC by Peter Norton.
10 Minute Guide to PC Upgrades by Galen Grimes.
Using HTML 4, Java 1.1 and JavaScript 1.2 by Eric Ladd, Jim O'Donnell.
World Wide Internet Yellow Pages 7th Ed. by by Lorna Gentry, Kelli Brooks, Jill Bond.


Cosm by Gregory Benford.
Freeware by Rudy Rucker
Hand of Prophecy by Severna Park.

General Fiction

Lloyd What Happened by Stanley Bing.
Mendel's Dwarf by Simon Mawer.


The Cat Who Tailed a Thief by Lilian Jackson Braun.
The Cold Hard Fax by Leslie O'Kane.
Death Hits the Fan by Jacqueline Girdner.
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.
Extreme Justice by William Bernhardt.
The Genesis Code by John Case.
Misleading Ladies by Cynthia Smith.
Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer by Emily Brightwell.
Mrs. Pargeter's Plot by Simon Brett.
Murder Olé by Corinne Holt Sawyer.
No Place For Sin by Sherry Lewis.
Paws for Alarm by Marian Babson.
Rogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha by Richard Marcinko.
Spiced to Death by Peter King.
Wed and Buried by Mary Daheim.


Great Pies and Tarts by Carole Walter.
Krystine's Healthy Gourmet Bakery Cookbook by Krystine Crowell
The Reading Group Handbook by Rachel W. Jacobsohn
The Ultimate Guide to Student Contests Grades K-6 by Scott Pendleton.
The Unemotional Investor by Robert Sheard.


The Bride was a Rental by Kelly Jamison
A Charmed Place by Antoinette Stockenberg
Homeport by Nora Roberts
The Lady and the Knight by Lois Greiman


The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling the Christian Novel by Penelope J. Stokes, Ph.D.
How To Get Happily Published by Judith Appelbaum.
The Instant Intellectual by Norah Vincent & Chad Conway.
You Can Write Children's Books by Tracey E. Dills.