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Computers/Web Design

Object-Oriented Programming in Java by Stephen Gilbert and Bill McCarty.
Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 hours by Dick Oliver and Molly Holzschlag.
Using Dynamic HTML by David Gulbransen & Kenrick Rawlings.
Web Animation for Dummies by Renée LeWinter & Cynthia L. Baron.
Web Authoring Desk Reference by Hayden Books.


Four & Twenty Blackbirds by Mercedes Lackey.
Polgara by David and Leigh Eddings.
The Wizards of Odd by Peter Haining.


Cat In A Golden Garland by Carole Nelson Douglas.
Charm City by Laura Lippman.
The Death of an Irish Sea Wolf by Bartholomew Gill.
The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Carol Lea Benjamin.
The Last Day by Glenn Kleier.
The Perfidious Parrot by Janwillem Van De Wetering.
Reign in Hell by William Diehl.
The Tattoo Murder Case by Akimitsu Takagi.


Le Cordon Bleu -- Complete Cooking Techniques by Jeni Wright & Eric Treuille.
The Party: A Guide to Adventurous Entertaining by Sally Quinn.
Videohound's Independent Film Guide by Monica Sullivan.
Webster's New World Dictionary of Media & Communications by Richard Weiner.


Mountain Bride by Susan Sawyer.
Murder While I Smile by Joan Smith.
Violets in the Snow by Patricia Grasso.


Making Money in Technical Writing by Peter Kent
Murder One: A Writer's Guide to Homicide by Mauro V. Coravasce & joseph R. Paglino.
Missing Persons: A Writer's Guide to Finding the Lost, the Abducted and the Escaped by Fay Farno.
Poet's Market Edited by Chantelle Bentley.