James Patterson Launching Children's Book Imprint at Little, Brown

Posted on May 30, 2015

Bestselling author James Patterson is launching a children’s book imprint at Little, Brown & Company called jimmy patterson. The goal of the imprint is to help turn children into life long readers. The imprint will be at Little, Brown & Company. All of Patterson's profits will be donated to children's literacy projects and supporting small bookstores

Patterson said that his profits from the imprint will will be used to fund teacher scholarships, keeping bookstores afloat, helping school libraries when they are in great need and expanding Patterson's charity ReadKiddoRead.com, which distributes books to children whose families cannot afford to buy them.

Patterson is quite passionate about child literacy, libraries and promoting independent bookstores. He said the mission of the new imprint is that when a child finishes reading one of the books from the imprint, that he or she immediately asks for another book to read. He has big goals and aspirations.

Patterson said he believes in the power of books and reading to change lives. He said, "If I could wave a wand I would love to hear that Amazon is devoting itself to becoming the savior of reading across this country. And that McDonald’s is promoting reading in all of its restaurants. And that Walmart and Target are dedicating the book sections of their stores to the noble task of getting kids reading better."

Michael Pietsch, the CEO of Hachette Book Group, made the announcement. Pietsch said, "James Patterson is a man on a mission: to save lives by making great books available to all kids." He didn't give details as to the focus of the titles in the imprint. Patterson will be writing some of the titles, but other authors will also be contributing to the line.