Hillary Clinton Won't Cross Picket Line For CBS Debate

Posted on November 21, 2007

Hillary ClintonSenator Hillary Clinton has issued the following statement supporting the CBS news writers should they choose to strike. Clinton says she will not cross the picket line to appear at the CBS Debate which is scheduled for December 10th.

Clinton says, "The workers at CBS News have been without a contract for close to two and a half years. It is my hope that both sides will reach an agreement that results in a secure contract for the workers at CBS News but let me be clear: I will honor the picket line if the workers at CBS News decide to strike."

Clinton also said, "America's unions are the backbone of America's middle class and I will always stand with America's working men and women in the fight to ensure that they are able to earn a fair wage."

Earlier this week 81% of the CBS News writers, producers and editors voted to give the Writers Guild of America the authority to call a strike. These writers have been working without a contract since April 2, 2005. Talking Points Memo reports that John Edwards also told reporters that he also won't cross the picket line for the CBS Debate.

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