George Clooney Vlogs About Rooming With Nicholas Kristof

Posted on March 17, 2009

George Clooney just returned from a trip to Chad with NBC to highlight the devastating conditions the people there face. But, being George, he used his sense of humor to take break from the terrible things they saw during the day. George has been vlogging and in this clip he talks about sharing a room with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times.

Kristof is showering in the adjacent bathroom (which consists of a non-flushing toilet, a hose and a bucket), while Clooney muses that "When you win a Pulitzer, you get to shack up with a two-time Sexiest Man Alive. That seems fair to me." He then threatens to film Kristof coming out of the shower. In the end, he secretly leaves the camera running so we hear Nicholas talking, but he spared us the towel shot. Take a look: