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Mario Arrives in Minecraft in Wii U Edition (May 16, 2016): Mario is arriving in Minecraft through the Wii U version of the game as part of a free mash-up.

Nintendo to Launch Pushmo World for Wii U (June 4, 2014): Nintendo has created a Pushmo console came for the first time. Pushmo World is available for the Wii U

Project Cars Trailer Shows Off Amazing Graphics (April 24, 2014): There are some incredibly detailed graphics of racecars in this Project Cars trailer.

Little Mac Joins Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Game (February 14, 2014): Nintendo has announced that Little Mac, from the Punch-Out! boxing games, will join the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game.

Nintendo's Wii U Has Officially Flopped (January 18, 2014): Nintendo has had to slash sales projections for its Wii U console.

Kirby's Dream Collection for Wii Arrives in Stores (September 17, 2012):

Destroy Dragons and Giant Bugs in Tank Tank Tank for Wii U (June 20, 2012):

Ubisoft Launches ZombiU at E3 2012 (June 13, 2012):

Warner Bros. Announces Scribblenauts Unlimited at E3 2012 (June 7, 2012):

Nintendo Announces Pikmin 2 for the Wii (May 16, 2012):

Nintendo to Launch Kirby Anniversary Collection for Wii Later This Year (April 24, 2012):

Nintendo Confirms Plans for Wii Successor (April 25, 2011):

Seniors Compete in Wii Bowling With Skype (April 30, 2010):

Wii Firefighter Game Out Next Week (August 5, 2009):

Wii Sports Has Sold Nearly 50 Million Copies (August 3, 2009):

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