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Activision Blizzard to Buy Candy Crush Publisher King Entertainment for $5.9 Billion (November 3, 2015): Activision Blizzard has announced plans to acquire King, the publisher of Candy Crush, for $5.9 billion

Tapinator Partners With Discovery for Deadliest Catch Mobile Game (July 27, 2015): Tapinator has launched a Deadliest Catch mobile game through a partnership with Discovery Channel

Mr. Jump is a New Jumping Mobile iOS Game (March 23, 2015): There is a new jumping game for iOS devices called Mr. Jump.

Game of War's Kate Upton Campaign Cost $40 Million (March 17, 2015): Game of War spent $40 million its campaign featuring Kate Upton. The game is make over $1 million a day.

Temple Run 2 Adds Bruce Lee as Playable Character (February 17, 2015): Bruce Lee is the latest playable character in the Temple Run mobile game.

The Princess Bride Mobile Game Launches (January 18, 2015): A new mobile game based on The Princess Bride is out for iOS devices.

Warner. Bros Releases Free Godzilla Strike Zone Mobile Game (May 6, 2014): Warner Bros. has released a free Godzilla: Strike Zone mobile game. The game is for iOS and Android devices.

Trailer for Disney's Stack Rabbit Mobile Game (January 19, 2014): Disney has launched a new mobile game called Stack Rabbit which involves stealing veggies from a farm.

Giant Boulder of Death Mobile Game (September 25, 2013): You are a giant boulder in the Giant Boulder of Death mobile game from PikPok. You have to crush everything in your path as you roll down a mountain.

Usain Bolt Becomes Playable Character in Temple Run 2 (August 4, 2013): Usain Bolt has been added as a playable character in the popular mobile game, Temple Run 2.

Disney Launches Where's My Mickey? Mobile Game (July 26, 2013): Disney has launched the Where's My Mickey mobile game for Android and iOS.

2K Games Launches Turd Birds (July 16, 2013): 2K Games has launched Turd Birds, a game where you control birds so they can bomb people below with turds.

Gameloft Launches Minion Rush Mobile Game (July 13, 2013): Gameloft has announced the launch of the Despiable Me: Minion Rush mobile game.

Disney Launches Mittens Mobile Game for iPhone and iPad (June 2, 2013): Disney has launched a mobile puzzle game called Mittens for the iPad and iPhone. Help cute Mittens the cat collect milk, balloons and more.

Rovio Announces Angry Birds Piglantis (June 27, 2012):

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