Conan O'Brien Reveals What Minecraft Version of Show Would Look Like

Posted on January 28, 2015

Conan wanted to do an entire episode of the Conan show in the Minecraft environment. Conan says they got excited about animating the episode but unfortunately Minecraft's creators were not on board for the idea.

Conan says the Minecraft people initially said yes and then changed their minds and said, "No, we'd rather you not to do it." Minecraft was acquired by Microsoft last year for a staggering $2.5 billion.

Conan then went ahead and showed what the animation of his show would have looked like in the blocky Minecraft universe. It showed Conan and Andy Richter in Minecraft. They even had Cameron Diaz as a guest star. The audience was full of Creepers. The regular set became a pirate ship and then a pit. Take a look:

Conan reviewed Minecraft for his Clueless gamer segment in July 2012. The game was recommend by Conan viewers. He did not give the game a good review because of the poor graphics. He thinks the developers need glasses and are suffering from glaucoma. Conan was also not impressed by the outfit his character was given or by the monsters in the game. Take a look: