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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a rapidly growing format for delivering digital content, including electronic books. Adobe develops software for creating PDF files and the main software package for development is the Adobe Acrobat software. Other software is also available for creating and converting files into PDF files from other formats. PDF became a popular format from its use with government files, including tax forms. Software companies like Microsoft are competiting with PDF to become the dominant ebook file format with its Microsoft Reader software which follows the Open eBook Publication Structure (OEB), which is based on HTML and XML.

PDF Resources

AcroBuddies: An online forum for the discussion of Adobe Acrobat and PDF.

Adobe Acrobat: The Killer App of Online Publishing: An article about the advantages of publishing with Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Magazine: A magazine with information about using Adobe products.

How to Create Adobe PDF Files for eBooks A guide offering step-by-step instruction in converting documents created in popular authoring and publishing applications to Adobe PDF.

comp.text.pdf: A newsgroup for the discussion of PDF and Adobe Acrobat. Provides information, how-to and studies about Adobe Acrobat publishing.

Planet PDF: A PDF resource with information about PDF software tools, document creation, ebooks, tips, links and more.

PDF Software

Adobe Acrobat Reader (
Adobe Acrobat (
Adobe Acrobat 5.0: Amazon Product Page PDF Software Downloads
SoftSeek: Adobe PDF Utilities
ZDNET PDF Software Downloads

PDF Books

Acrobat PDF Bible
Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Classroom in a Book, 2nd Edition
PDF with Acrobat 4: Visual Quickstart Guide
PDF Reference, Second Edition: Version 1.3
Web Publishing With Acrobat/PDF

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