Personal Digital Assistants, or PDAs, are handheld computing devices which can also be used for reading ebooks or digital content. Software packages are available to allow users of these handheld computers to read content such as books, short stories and magazine articles on their PDA screens. Below are some of the major PDAs and links to PDA resources.

PDAs were all the rage when this article was first written. Smartphones have since replaced PDAs and software is available to read ebooks on them. For example, Apple provides software for reading books on its iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Amazon also provides Kindle software for a variety of devices, including smartphones.

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Handspring develops, manufactures and markets the Visor line of handheld computers. Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Palm Computing platform, Handspring developed the Springboard platform, which allows for easy hardware and software expansion. Visors utilize the Palm OS operating system. USB synchronization with your PC allows you to keep your information up to date.

Palm Pilot
: Palm, Inc., a 3Com company, is a provider of handheld information management solutions, including the popular Palm III, Palm V and Palm VII series of connected organizers. Palm handhelds use the Palm OS operating system. More than 5,000 Palm OS-compatible software applications are available so far.

Pocket PC
The Pocket PCs are Windows-powered handheld computers capable of reading email, surfing the Web, listening to music and using Microsoft products including Word and Microsoft Reader. Microsoft developed the software; Pocket PC devices are manufactured by companies, including Casio, Compaq, Hewlett Packard and Symbol.

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