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Publishing for PDAs and Handheld Devices

Because of the popularity of PDAs and handheld devices, numerous methods and software applications to provide content for these devices have emerged. New applications are also continually being developed. If you are interested in publishing for these devices, be sure to visit the resources listed here. You should also familiarize yourself with the languages and tools used to publish ebooks, webpages and wireless content; these applications will also be used for PDAs, and new applications will be based on existing technology. Publishers must also keep in mind that PDAs use two competing operating systems: Microsoft's Windows CE and Palm's PalmOS.

PDA Publishing Resources allows publishers to provide content for PDAs, for no charge. Also provides a database of PDA content providers.

HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language) Resources: Links to HDML resources and news articles.

Memo Ware: A collection of thousands of documents and literature to be used with your handheld device. Also provides a comprehensive links section, including links to development and software resources.

Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide: A free online book published by O'Reilly about Palm programming.

PDA Street: Resources for handheld developers including software information, articles and news stories. Resources, information, news and columns about PocketPCs.

Visor Central: News, reviews, resources and information for users of the Visor PDA.

Yahoo PDA Software Links: Yahoo's collection of links to PDA software publishers and resources.

Yahoo Windows CE Resources: Yahoo's links to Windows CE resources.

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