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Marketing Newsletters and Mailing Lists

Some of the methods used for marketing your newsletter include ad-swapping, listing your newsletter in directories, placing advertisements and getting your website visitors to subscribe.

Probably the most important way to grow your list, however, is to have content that people want to read. The niche, or specialty, areas are the easiest to break into because there should be less competition in the niches. However, even niches have a lot of competition on the Internet these days. People subscribing to newsletters generally are interested in news, articles, information that helps them make or save money, advice and information about new websites and online resources. But newsletters providing updates for a website, newsletters covering a specific subject matter and discussion lists are also popular.

Once you have a mailing list or newsletter and you are ready to start increasing the number of subscribers, submit it to the newsletter directories. People use these directories to learn about newsletters in which they might be interested. Be sure to read the article, Methods for Growing Your Newsletter Subscrber Base, available on this website. For more promotional ideas, visit resources listed below, which contain additional information about marketing your newsletter.

Articles and Resources

ClickZ Guide to Email Marketing: A free downloadable ebook (PDF) about email marketing. Visitors must complete a questionnaire to receive the book.

E-Zines 601: Marketing and Promoting: An article about increasing your subscriber base. Includes links to newsletter directories and other resources.

EzineTips Ezine Promotion Articles: A large collection of articles about promotion email newsletters. Also includes reviews of ezine databases and resources.

How to Publicize Your E-Zine: A well-written article by Chip Rowe of which contains advice for promoting your ezine. The article includes lists of web directories and other resources.

Marketing via E-Mail Newsletters and Mailing Lists

Methods for Growing Your Newsletter Subscrber Base: An article on containing tips about how to get more subscribers for your email newsletter. A notification service for new email newsletters.

Online Promotion of Publications: A list of resources and databases for promoting and listing your email newsletter.

WW Business Communications Marketing Resources: A directory of marketing publications and resources.

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