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This page provides information about ereaders and other devices for reading ebooks.

A growing number of devices which make ebooks easier to read are being developed by technology companies. The companies' goal is to produce a product that delivers a reading experience which is similar to a book. Special software has also been developed for reading ebooks on computer screens and handheld computers. Here are a few of the devices currently available:

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Ebook Devices

Amazon.com Kindle
Amazon.com's Kindle is a wireless, portable reading device with instant access to more than 300,000 books, blogs, newspapers and magazines. The Kindle offers an electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks similar to real paper. 3G wireless accesss lets you download books right from your Kindle.

Everybook, Inc.
Everybook, Inc. is developing the Everybook Dedicated Reader, a two-page electronic book reading device.

Franklin eBookman
The eBookman is a device similar to a handheld computer or Palm Pilot, but with a larger screen. The eBookman is avialable in three different models which range in price from $129.95 to $229.95.

The hiebook combines an XML based, OEB-compliant eBook reader, an MP3 player, a digital audio recorder, PDA functions and games in one device.

FXPALs Xlibris
XLibris uses a high-resolution pen tablet display along with a paper-like user interface. The user can hold a scanned image of a page and mark on it with digital ink.

MIT's Victorian Laptop
An unusual electronic reading device being developed at MIT. The device aims to merge (and extend) the capabilities of modern laptop computers with the aesthetic and evocative qualities of an antique writing box.

Nuvomedia Rocket eBook
Nuvomedia's ebook device is the Rocket eBook, a paperback-sized electronic book. Nuvomedia and ebook device manufacturer SoftBook are both owned by Gemstar. More information about the Rocket eBook can be found at: http://www.rocket-ebook.com.

Qubit is an electronic reading device that is roughly the size of a magazine. For applications that require typing, both an onscreen keyboard and wireless keyboard with a remote infrared link are provided.

RCA Ebooks
RCA eBooks from the Gemstar eBook Service include the hardcover size REB1200 model (pictured on the right) and the paperback size REB1100. The REB1200 also has a color display.

SoftBook is a leather-bound device designed for reading books and periodicals that weighs 2.9 pounds. SoftBook and ebook device manufacturer Nuvomedia are both owned by Gemstar.

Sony Reader
The Sony Reader is designed to be a lightweight travel companion with easy to read screens that use electronic paper technology. It is about the same size as a book.


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