Economy Adds 211,000 Jobs in April 2017

Posted on May 5, 2017

April Jobs Report

The economy added 211,000 jobs last month. The average monthly jobs created rate is now 185,000 for 2017, which is pretty similar to 2016. The unemployment rates has remained relatively unchanged at 4.4%.

The biggest growth this month occurred in leisure and hospitality which added 55,000 jobs in April. Health care added 37,000 jobs and financial activities added 19,000.

This is a big bump from last month. Only 98,000 jobs were added in March. The was revised to an even worse, 79,000. The April jobs report is a good report, but the economy really needs to add 300,000 jobs a month to be considered great - and far more to reach the unrealistic growth levels Trump promised during its 2016 campaign. There are some positive signs, such as a slight increase in hourly earnings.

Image: Writers Write, Inc.