E.L. James Inks Deal for Limited Edition Fifty Shades of Grey Toilet Paper

Posted on April 1, 2013

April Fools Day ad for Fifty Shades of Grey toilet paper

It's April Fool's Day which makes for some entertaining news headlines. We got a laugh out of the Daily Mail's "exclusive" scoop that UK supermarket chain Asda has inked a deal with bestselling author E.L. James to launch 50 Shades of Grey toilet paper.

The limited edition toilet paper really will come in fifty different shades of grey. Each shade has been named after Christian Grey's personality traits, from "enigmatic" to "obsessive." Kevin Merden, Asda's Director of Tissue Buying, says that themed toilet paper is hot trend. He explained, "Much like Grey's character, all rolls are tightly wound and will take time to unravel."

Photo: Asda

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