DC Comics to Release Classic Comics Exclusively on Kindle Fire

Posted on September 30, 2011

DC Entertainment announced that it has entered into an agreement with Amazon.com to make 100 of its original graphic novels exclusively to the new Amazon Kindle Fire. The bestselling graphic novels Watchmen, Batman: Arkam City and Superman: Earth One, are being made available digitally for the first time.

Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Entertainment, said: "We're thrilled to work with the leader in digital books to bring many of the world's most beloved and best-selling graphic novels to Kindle readers. We've learned from the success of DC Comics � The New 52 that making our graphic novels available whenever and wherever our readers want is critical to the future growth and health of our publishing businesses--both in print and digital format."

The comics can be pre-ordered in the Kindle store and the others will be available as soon as the Kindle Fire arrives in mid-November. In this photo, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee shows off the graphic novel Superman: Earth One on the new Kindle Fire.

You can see the full list of titles that will be available here.

Photo of Jim Lee of DC Entertainment holding a Kindle Fire

Photo: PRNewsFoto/DC Entertainment