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Acrobat Talk
The Acrobat Talk List is an email list for discussion on topics related to Acrobat(tm) from Adobe Systems, Inc.

A discussion list for a group of technical writers, course designers, Help Developers and other technical communicators, who love communicating and exploring new forms of it.

Provides popular Windows 95/98/NT email newsletters.

Newsgroup: alt.books.technical
Newsgroup for the discussion of technical books.

Newsgroup: bit.listserv.techwr-l
Moderated newsgroup for discussion of technical writing.

Newsgroup: biz.books.technical
Newsgroup for the discussion of technical books.

Newsgroup: comp.editors
Computerized text editing newsgroup.

Newsgroup: comp.text.desktop
Newsgroup for desktop publishing discussion.

Newsgroup: comp.text.frame
Newsgroup for FrameMaker discussion.

Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml
Newsgroup about SGML publishing.

Newsgroup: misc.books.technical
Newsgroup for discussion of technical books.

Newsgroup: news:comp.text.interleaf
Newsgroup for discussion of Interleaf software.

Newsgroup for creating Windows help files.

Newsgroup; comp.publish.cdrom.multimedia
Newsgroup for multimedia authoring and publishing software.

Discussion list for those who write, edit and produce for the online medium.

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