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Here is the collection of England book resource links. Click here to return to the links section.

Achuka: Children's Books UK
An independent UK children's books website with reviews, interviews, articles and news about children's books.

Britain version of Amazon.com. Includes online ordering, bestsellers, customer and staff reviews, upcoming releases and more.

A monthly British literature magazine with book reviews, columns, bestellers, interviews and publishing news.

Online book service of the electronic telegraph (London Telegraph). Provides news, features and reviews.

British Bestsellers
The most requested book titles according to Bertram, United Kingdom's largest book wholesaler.

Crime Time
A British mystery magazine with regular book reviews and author interviews.

London Review of Books
The London Review of Books is a fully independent literary paper published twice a month. It contains essays, literary criticism and review.

Newsgroup: uk.media.books.sf
Newsgroup for the discussion of UK Science Fiction.

The Independent Books
The book section of the electronic edition of The Independent.

This is London Book Section
Book section of This is London provides a regular review column, book news and a bestseller list for London.

Times Literary Supplement, The
A weekly review of literature, scholarship and the visual and performing arts.

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