E Ink and Electronic Ink

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Electronic ink combines the look of ink on paper with the dynamic capability of an electronic display. Electronic ink displays are being designed for many applications, including handheld devices, outdoor billboards, and electronic books and newspapers. Ultimately, electronic ink will permit most any surface to become a display, bringing information off of computer screens and into the world around us. New companies such as E Ink and well-known companies such as Xerox are working on products for electronic ink and electronic paper.

Electronic Inks Products and Resources

E Ink Corporation: E Ink is the first major company to emerge with electronic ink technology. E Ink has been featured prominently in news stories about this new technology, and has received major investments from companies such as The Hearst Corporation, of Central Newspapers, Inc., The McClatchy Company and Motorola Corporation.

Xerox Parc: Xerox Parc, the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, is working on Electronic Reusable Paper. Electronic reusable paper utilizes a display technology, invented at the PARC, called "Gyricon."

Articles and Resources

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